Lonprotect Wallpaper

First Antiviral Wallpaper in SG

With a minimalist touch.

More than just plain wallpaper, our Lonprotect wall solutions have the ability to deactivate viruses upon contact, making you feel safe at home, work or play.

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Antiviral Effect

The Benefits

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Resistant to Mould

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Antibacterial Effect

Resistant to Water

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Resistant to Chemicals

Scratch Resistant

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Roll width


Sheet thickness


Roll length



14kg / roll or 0.28kg / sqm

Number of colours

6 (readymade)

Unlike other wallpaper brands, our wallpaper finishes stop viruses such as avian coronavirus, avian influenza (H5N3) and norovirus from spreading.

Lonprotect wallpaper surfaces inhibit the growth of infection-causing bacteria such as S. Aureus and E. Coli, ensuring a healthier living interior.

When inhaled, mould can cause health problems such as asthma. Lonprotect wallpaper finishes prevent the growth of mould and keep your walls clean.

Lonprotect wallpaper finishes come with a water-repellent coat, allowing it to last longer in moist environments without tearing easily.

Lonprotect wallpaper is highly resistant to scratches, which makes it especially ideal for use in areas that experience high traffic.

Easy Maintenance

Lonprotect wallpaper surfaces are easy to clean and stains are easily removed, allowing for fuss-free maintenance.

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Lonprotect vinyl wallpaper finishes are resistant to acids, bases and organic solvents.

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Fire Retardant

In the event of a fire, the flames will not spread when they come into contact with our Lonprotect wallpaper material as it is flame retardant.

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