First Antiviral Flooring in Singapore

Where style meets performance.

More than just a resilient flooring sheet, Lonprotect vinyl flooring is able to stop viruses from spreading.

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Resistant to Chemicals

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  • Padding underlay sheet (3mm or 5mm thick)

  • Skirting

*Volatile Organic Compounds

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Antiviral Effect

The Benefits

Antibacterial Effect

Excellent Durability

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Lonprotect flooring products are capable of reducing the spread of viruses such as the avian coronavirus, avian influenza (H5N3) and norovirus. 

Lonprotect surfaces inhibit the growth of infection-causing bacteria such as S. Aureus and E. Coli, ensuring a cleaner and more sterile interior.

Lonprotect vinyl flooring solutions can easily withstand heavy foot traffic, making them very durable with long-lasting performance.

Easy Maintenance

Lonprotect flooring surfaces are easy to clean and stains are easily removed, allowing for fuss-free maintenance.

Lonprotect floor sheets have a very low VOC* level, which means less air pollution and health issues like respiratory illnesses and headaches.

Our flooring products have excellent chemical resistance to acids, bases and organic solvents.

Lonprotect Flooring


Roll width



54kg / roll or 3.3kg / sqm

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In the event of a fire, the flames will not spread when they come into contact with our Lonprotect flooring material as it is flame retardant.

Fire Retardant

Roll length


Sheet thickness


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